About Urban Catalyst

    Urban Catalyst is a real estate equity fund focused on ground-up development projects in downtown San Jose. As both fund manager and local developer, we are in a unique position. We have experience creating ground-up development projects in downtown San Jose, and our track record of success in the Bay Area includes:

    • $5.0 Billion + in development projects
    • $5.2 Billion + in real estate asset acquisitions
    • 200+ real estate properties developed across a variety of asset classes
    • Over 2,000 residential units that are now located in opportunity zones

    Fund I Success

    We are proud of our success in Urban Catalyst Opportunity Fund I LLC (“Fund I”). Fund I was a multi-asset real estate fund focused on ground-up developments consisting of office, mixed-use, student housing, senior housing and a hotel. By the time we closed our offering on December 30, 2020, we had not only acquired all of our projects but had also surpassed our fundraising goals by raising a total of $131M from a diverse investor base.